Monday, February 16, 2015

I thought George Is Stupid Until.. [Read On!]

Remember yesterday when I told you that George is giving his secret money making software for free expecting people to seriously pay 2,400 usd AFTER they tested it?

Laughing it off?? Thinking ... such a gullible easy to exploit system?
That`s right.. they paid him!!
I decided to give it a try myself now because chances are he might shut down the free licenses (they are fully functional and basically the same as the full version)
Surely I don`t want to miss out by doing nothing.. that`s the worst thing to do anyways...
Well i downloaded.. i hit start and..
Here are the results..
This little tool just gave me a few hundreds bucks.. in a DAY! I just clicked the "ON" Switch inside and it pulled the monies in! Real cash! NO nonsense! IM like in SHOCK and AWE at the same time!
It`s INSANE...
I take back what I said yesterday..
George buddy you rock and I believe people WILL buy the software.. hell as soon as I made 5,000 usd of it il buy it myself !
Don`t delay, since the only problem I have now is that too many of you download and profit and the brokers will try to shut it down..
Norbert said that he will switch out brokers if that happens, but I don`t believe this will run as good as it works now forever!
Best money making product I have seen in 2015.. Im back milking the brokers with this baby... hope youre aboard.. its time for payback and wallet filling!!! YIIIIIHAAA :)