Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Myriad investing options in India

How many companies are there in the share market of India where you can invest? Well, there are thousands of companies listed in the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, and other bourses of the country. The performance of these companies all depend on market volatility. 

But there are few companies that have outperformed, maintaining an uptrend always with very negligible downfalls. It is only research and your dedicated time and efforts that will help you find out these companies. Investing in such companies for the long term will certainly yield results. For novice investors in the Indian stock market, all companies will seem the same. It has been rightly said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So, before you start investing in the share market of India, do familiarize yourself well with the trading terminologies, about the bourses, and everything related to the capital market. It is then only that you can expect experiencing a win-win situation in your investment venture no matter what the segment is whether it is the Indian stock market or the commodity market or mutual funds.

Besides buying of a share in India, what most investors are attracted to are mutual funds. This is because a mutual fund is actually a large portfolio of stocks already diversified to the advantage of the investor. When you invest in a particular mutual fund, you are actually joining countless others who have also invested in the same. More increased are the purchases and market uptrend in the said sector more will be the return on investment. You will come across different mutual funds of India offered by financial institutions like HDFC, SBI, Birla Sun Life, Tata, Reliance, and the list goes on. Small investors find it a lucrative investing option; most investors consider it safer than buying a share in India because the latter involves more risks. No matter all investment ventures are subject to market risks; it is the intensity of the risk as well as how it is managed that matters. Nonetheless mutual funds of India have been considered of late to be one of the most liquid investments around. Putting in money for a particular period will no doubt yield returns for you.
Another investment area equally gaining importance like the Indian stock market and mutual funds is the commodity market. The trading of commodities like lead, nickel, silver, crude, gold is witnessing an uptrend by the day. Buying and selling of goods in India and profits and losses all depend on the change in price of the goods in the international commodity market. Goods are bought and sold in bulk or single items; the commodity market is equivalent to the share market in terms of the changing values of prices.
When myriad investment options are there right in front of you why not grab the opportunity? Start your trading in a share in India, mutual funds, and commodities; registration at a brokerage portal will well serve your purpose!

Nirmal Kumar is author of market analyst and is writing reviews articles on stocks and shares, mutual funds india and share brokers.